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Healthcare Marketing Content Campaign - Client Study

May 10, 2013

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Creating an entire content marketing campaign is more than just posting a blog and sharing that blog on Facebook and Twitter – it’s about focusing all of your creative, advertising and healthcare marketing attention onto one topic and making that one brand message, that one discussion, go viral. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on a content marketing campaign that we have launched for Skin Cancer Awareness Month with a very special client Family Practice Specialists.

Creating the Content

Family Practice Specialists has two dermatologists on staff, both of which concentrate on skin cancer prevention. Considering this is already a focus on the client’s, we developed a content marketing strategy to promote these dermatologists during Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Step one is to create the content. All throughout the month of May we are creating highly optimized blogs related to skin cancer, prevention, protection, treatment, diagnosis, concerns, and much more. Each piece of content is saturated with keywords, relevant to Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and contains a strong call to action. Each blog is a landing page in itself, engaging to the reader, educational to those interested in learning more about skin cancer, and ultimately a source for targeted traffic for our client.

Step two in this specific healthcare marketing case is Facebook. In order to maintain the brand message throughout the month, Quaintise developed custom, branded images both for specific Facebook content posts as well as the Facebook Cover Photo. By updating the client’s Facebook Cover Photo we can alert Facebook users to the fact that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Family Practice Specialists has all of the answers.

Included in step two is the integration of the client’s blogs onto Facebook is a strategic and enhanced manner. There is no way a healthcare marketing campaign such as this will succeed with simple blog posts. This campaign takes custom created and branded photos with enriched text and data collection. The posts must be perfect in order to create the biggest buzz.

Step three is in this client’s healthcare marketing campaign is advertising. Facebook advertising through Power Editor allows Quaintise to target exactly who might be at risk for developing skin cancer in Arizona. Through the Power Editor we can hit a specific demographic based on their geo-location (near the Family Practice Specialist offices), the gender, age, activities and lifestyle. While statistics show that men are at a greater risk for skin cancer, it is women who are more receptive to taking in our information and converting it.

We create an enhanced ad that appeals to our target demographic to drive traffic back to the website.

Step four is to monitor, rinse and repeat. Healthcare marketing content campaigns such as the one we are currently running for Family Practice Specialists must be precise, relevant, immediate, transparent and efficient in order to be effective. If you’re interested in running a full-scale content healthcare marketing campaign, give Quaintise a call today.