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The Healthcare Industry is a Mess, Simplify Your Marketing NOW

November 9, 2013

Healthcare Marketing Industry Los Angeles

In today’s complicated and often confusing world of healthcare marketing, often times the simplest ideas and most transparent physicians and offices will come out on top. From the Affordable Care Act to explaining complex treatment procedures, the current healthcare industry is a clutter of mixed messages. Right now, at this very moment, is the opportunity to forge ahead of competing physicians and specialists in your field and come out on top. Let Quaintise show you how:

1. Simplify your Message – According to, and many other marketing resources, including the experts at Quaintise, one of the biggest mistakes a healthcare marketing agency can make for its client is to complicate the brand message. The healthcare market could not be more confusing right now. What you need to do is boil down your brand message, get to the point – make it portable and make it stick.

2. Simplify Your Procedures – Your probably thinking, “what does this have to do with healthcare marketing?” In reality, your office procedures have everything to do with healthcare marketing because the procedures facilitate the patient experience, which impacts patient satisfaction or annoyance. A patient wants to get in, spend productive time with their physician, and get out. While the Affordable Care Act’s initiative to go digital with everything might be an annoyance or inconvenience for your offices now, it will increase productivity and smooth out your office procedures, thus limiting confusion and increasing patient satisfaction.

3. Simplify Your Website – Purpose should be the guiding principle of your website. Lose the bling, the heavy sales text and the overwhelming appearance. Keep it simple with the physicians on staff, the services you provide, your location, your social media networks, and contact info. Does your website transfer well to mobile devices? Does it convey the message you want? Does it simplify the Affordable Care Act or offer suggestions to do so? Your website is like your first impression. Keep it clean, uncluttered, and focused.  Most importantly, make sure it loads quickly and delivers on the promises you have set forth.

4. Simplify Your Social Media Marketing – Confusion and complexity is the current healthcare atmosphere, and social media can either fuel that complexity or work to streamline it. Utilize social media effectively by keeping your page clean, your updates short and sweet, your branded images compelling, and your messaging consistent. Social media marketing gives your organization and your physicians to bring some much needed humor and light-heartedness to the healthcare mess.

5. Simplify Your CTA – In any industry, a strong call to action is imperative. In the healthcare industry, amidst all the confusion, a strong, clear and concise call to action is essential. Your contact form should be simple and understandable. Your phone number should be clear and available on every medium. As a successful physician, you should be available and accessible at all times, whether through Facebook Private Messaging, an Appointment Tab on Facebook, your Contact Form through your website, a Chat option through your website, or your phone number.

Quaintise marketing experts not only understand the Affordable Care Act from a marketing perspective, we can help you navigate the rough waters of marketing through that initiative. Don’t let your confusion seep into your brand message or marketing campaigns.