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Making Your Brand More Social - Don't Be Scared

November 12, 2013

Healthcare Marketing Company Los Angeles

Just the other day we discussed the importance of keeping things simple in a complicated healthcare world. Today, I want you to think about keeping things social – transforming your healthcare website into a social powerhouse.

The idea of getting social with your healthcare marketing probably scares the pants off of you. But, if you’re working with the talented team at Quaintise, you should be excited about all of the amazing opportunities that social media has to offer any healthcare professional.

Making Your Website as Social As Your Patients

An amazing 74% of patients today do not make a healthcare decision without first consulting their digital media networking and connections. Either through extensive research on Google, or through discussion with their social media networks, patients are far more socially inclined before making any decisions.

So, in reality, social media has a tremendous amount of power and influence in the healthcare field. It’s time that your team started taking advantage of that power and transcend that influence into your website.

1. Don’t Ask for Likes – Remember when every website sidebar or header included the phrase “Like Us” or “Join the Conversation?” Well, those days are gone. In today’s healthcare market, it’s all about knowing your audience and providing them with engaging information – engaging enough that they actually want to Like your page without you asking them to.

2. Don’t Expect Them To Find You – Integrate social media into your website instead of hoping that your patients will seek you out on social networks. Dedicate some real estate on your website for social media integration (ie – Twitter Feed, Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed or Like Box). Make it obvious that you utilize social media, you provide value through your social media accounts, and you have a strong, dedicated following who is engaged with your content. When visitors come to your website, they will not see a simple “Like Us” image, they’ll see an engaged audience interacting with your brand on social media and they will be more inclined to join along.

3. Encourage Communication – Through valuable content you can invite Fans and Friends to ‘join the conversation.’ Encourage people to comment and share ideas on your website through your social plugins. Communication can be as simple as a comment on a blog or as complex as a health topic forum. Engaging your audience in the most productive way possible is not only wonderful for increased brand visibility, Google will reward you with better search rankings.

Turning your website into a healthcare social media powerhouse involves a whole new set of strategies which the experts at Quaintise can undertake. This kind of social media marketing, where you literally integrate the best of social media into your own brand marketing and website, is for the big dogs. Let’s take you to the next level.