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The Fastest Growing Demographic on Facebook

May 20, 2013

seniors on facebook

Think seniors aren’t on Facebook? You could be thinking wrong, very wrong, and it could cost you and your healthcare marketing budget. According to, those 65 years and older are changing: they are living longer, are more active, and becoming increasing literate online. In healthcare marketing, where seniors are a very large demographic for many of our clients, it’s important not to forget how important they are to the overall bottom line.

65+ on Social Media

According to, not only does this age group have 47 times the net worth of households headed by those 35 and older, but they are now the fastest growing users of social media. goes on to say that there are currently 39 million people aged 65 and older using Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, making them the fastest growing demographic on these sites.

Seniors are flocking to social media for many of the same reasons that everyone else is – to connect with friends and family, to share photos, and, ironically, 20% are joining Facebook for the games. Grandparents are highly attracted to the concept of seeing photos of grandkids and family members at any time, from any place. Birthday parties, graduations, summer vacations and more can now be shred instantly with grandparents across social media.

So, how does this affect healthcare marketing and your bottom line? Targeting seniors via social media and social media advertising is no longer just a thought, it’s a reality. Consider separate Facebook accounts that can be highly targeted to this demographic.

For example, physicians can create a whole new campaign targeting seniors on topics of Medicare, senior discounts, senior health and wellness, and much more. These are topics that might not engage your younger demographic, so a new FB page targeting this specific crowd won’t leave anyone in the dust.

While seniors might appreciate more emotional posts with children and families portrayed in advertising and images, the younger crowd will overlook these strategies in favor of those with more creativity, more punch, and more spontaneity.

Though seniors are online for many of the same reasons the younger demographics are, they are attracted to incredibly different aspects of healthcare marketing campaigns. Keep this in mind when developing your next social media strategy.

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