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Is Twitter's Retention Strategy Enough To Attract Top Talent?

On the surface it looks as if Twitter is doing everything right to attract and retain top talent. Yet, four of the company’s top executives resigned in the past few months. Will giving restricted stock and cash bonuses to employees be enough to keep its...

Conversational Healthcare Marketing

The days of one-way, one-sided promotional brand messaging are over. In reality, they’ve been over for some time now in the opinions of many expert Quaintise healthcare marketers. With the remarkable and various brand messaging channels available today...

Twitter's New Brand Pages

We don’t often talk about Twitter here on the Quaintise blog, but can be an integral part of your social media brand campaign. Like Facebook, Twitter relies on engagement, connections, and conversation. This week some exciting news has comes out of...

How To Leverage Social Media To Market Your Medical Practice

Social media has been around since 2004, but medical professionals have not been as quick to embrace the technologies as other professions.


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